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Tears of my Betrayers Bath Bomb

Tears of my Betrayers Bath Bomb

They betrayed you. Let them cry. 

This gorgeous teardrop bath bomb is scented in a clean white tea and ginger fragrance. We could call it a white tea and ginger bath bomb, but who wants to bathe in tea when you could be bathing in tears.
  • What's in that thing?

    Bath bombs harness old school chemistry. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid are inert when dry, but react with each other when they come into contact with water. The reaction creates carbon dioxide gas-the sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI)bubbles of air that come out of the bath bomb. We can mold the baking soda and citric acid by using anhydrous oils to bind them before they are placed in water. Our favorite is avocado oil becasue it so good for your skin. We also add an ingredient called Polysorbate, which is used as an emulsifing agent in the food industry. In a bath bomb, it essentially does the same thing but also acts as a surfactant, allowing that awsome avocado oil and whatever amazing fragrance we used to be completely dispersed into your bath water, insead of sitting on top. We have recently begun using a coconut derived surfactant called sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI) to create foam in our bath bombs. SCI is the most mild surfactant (soap) on the market and is far more gentle than SLSA or SLA. All of our fragrances come from reputable sources that can provide us with IFRA certification to ensure quality standards. Finally, we always use batch certified FDA approved colorants in our bath bombs. They are water soluable and won't stain your body or your tub. 

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